131843500 – Replacing Your Frigidaire Dryer’s Drum Light Assembly AP2107704 PS418836

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I’m going to be explaining you how to replace the drum light assembly in your dryer the reason why you might have to do this is because the light is not working at all because the housing is damaged and it’s not staying in place for this repair all you’ll need is a phillips head screwdriver WARNING before doing any repairs please disconnect your power source so this is the dryer we’re going to be using for this demonstration it’s a Frigidaire keep in mind you might have one that’s not quite exactly the same as this but the same technique should still apply just make sure you turn your gas off so we’re going to turn our dryer around so we need to remove these two screws right here we’re going to be using a phillips head screwdriver and one we have those screws out we can pull the top back and then lift it off and put it off to the side and now we’re going to unscrew these two screws here we’ll take off the grounding wire and then we’ll unplug all of these wires here and just make sure when you’re removing these wires you’re pushing on these tabs to release the wires on the board so the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to have six screws total we have to remove we have two here two inside the door and two at the bottom now to make this a little easier for the last two we’re going to get a block of wood and we’re going to set it underneath the dryer now all you have to do is just slightly lift on the bulkhead and it should come right out so now that we have the control panel out of the way you can see the drum light assembly right here so we’re going to unplug it and if you’re having trouble like I am you can pop it out first you’re just going to push on the tab here just like that and keep you’re other hand inside so it doesn’t fall in and now it’ll be easier to grab that wire and unplug it now you can grab your new OEM replacement drum light assembly and if you don’t have one already you can find it on our online store so now we’re going to put the drum light assembly in we’re going to put it in through the inside and then we’re going to plug in the wires here first and once the wires are plugged in you can line up this small tabs with that on the outside of this and if you push it in it’ll snap into place so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to line up the tabs here and put those into the slots theres going to be four tabs total so now I’m going to screw in the screws up top first so now we’ll plug all of our wires back in now we’re going to just slide our control panel up and you’re going to line up the holes down here with the little tabs there sticking out I’m just going to reattach out grounding wire here now we’re just lining up our holes and screwing it back in now we’ll put the top panel back on and when we do this we’ll just slide it all the way forward until it’s in place and then line up you’re screw holes and screw it back in now I can turn it back around and you’re repair is complete now we can turn our gas back on Finally don’t forget to plug in your appliance if you need to replace any parts for your appliances you can find an OEM replacement part on our website Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like comment and share our article also don’t forget to subscribe to our website your support helps us make more articles just like these for you to read for free

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