Best Dishwasher – Top 3 Models

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Looking for the perfect dishwasher for your home but overwhelmed by the choices? To make it easy, we’ve selected our top 3 picks of 2019 so you can feel confident with your selection. Hi this is John with Designer Appliances in Bedminster New Jersey.

We understand when your dishwasher breaks, you want it replaced as quickly and painlessly as possible. But let’s face it – at the end of the day, you are spending hard-earned money, so the stress of making the right decision makes you feel overwhelmed. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve selected our top 3 picks that exceed the standard when it comes to washing & drying performance, quietness, design, and reliability.

First, a top pick for most is the Bosch 500 series. At just under $900, the 500 series gives you astounding features and some of the best reliability around.It comes equipped with a flexible third rack cutlery tray, high tech info light, and specialized wash and dry cycles, and these are only a few examples of convenient features you might be looking for. We’ve put links in the description below if you want a more comprehensive look at the 500 series.

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Next, if you’re looking to save money, consider this entry level Whirlpool. Being the most budget friendly, this Whirlpool model has a price tag in the mi $500 range that even dips below $500 during seasonal promotions. Although not the quietest at 51 decibels, this Whirlpools cleaning and drying performance receive some of the highest remarks among consumers.

There are plenty of wash and dry cycles to satisfy various levels of soiled dishes.

Think this Whirlpool could work for you? Check out the links in the description below for more detailed information. Looking for top of the line when it comes to features and reliability?

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Consider the Miele Eco- Flex Crystal series dishwasher. Miele crushes the competition with its 20-year life-span, built-in water softener, unique 3D cutlery tray, and ultra quiet 45 decibel rating. Need more info?

Check out our in-depth buyers guide and blog article at the links in the description below. We hope this article has given you a starting point when it comes to selecting a new dishwasher for your home.

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