Bosch Dishwasher: Ascenta, 100, 300, 500 and 800 Series

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances, New Jersey and New York’s premier appliance explainroom, and we’re gonna give you all the info you need to buy a Bosch dishwasher with confidence. If you’re reading this you probably already know Bosch manufactures some of the best dishwashers in the world. They’re reliable, incredibly quiet and packed with innovative features.

For these reasons Bosch has consistently been ranked #1 by many different publications and review sites. Until now however, the greatest weakness with Bosch has always been their drying performance, specifically when it comes to drying plastics. Rather than relying on a heating element to dry dishes Bosch relies on the more energy efficient condensation drying process.

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Utilizing the high temperature of the final rinse cycle to heat up the dishwasher water is encouraged to evaporate off your dishes onto the walls of the dishwasher. This water forms beads which collect and drain out of the dishwasher. This works well for ceramics and glass, however plastics cannot hold heat and have a difficult time drying via condensation.

Reverse condensation can be another issue.

If the dishwasher sits closed for a long period of time excess moisture in the air and tub can evaporate and collect on your dishes. In 2019 Bosch has solved these issues, introducing two neasdfasdfasdfw drying technologies to significantly improve drying performance, AutoOpen and CrystalDry. I’ll talk more about these later on when we cover each of the Bosch series.

So once you’ve decided to purchase a Bosch dishwasher, first you’ll need to select which style you prefer followed by which series has the features that are most important to you. Bosch dishwashers are available with five different style options our top-selling style is the pocket handle design which offers a clean handle free look that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen style and installs flush.

You can also choose from recessed handle with a visible control panel, bar handle with hidden controls, or a streamlined scoop handle and finally you have the option of getting a panel ready dishwasher to match your kitchens custom cabinetry. Bosch offers four different series of dishwashers: 100, 300, 500 & 800. As you go up in series the dishwashers get quieter and you’ll pick up added flexibility in the racking.

You will also gain specialized wash cycles and other added technology. At Designer Appliances we offer an exclusive DLX line that you can’t get at big box stores like Home Depot or Best Buy. These DLX versions are the same price but give you an extra scrub option for cleaning heavily soiled dishes as well as a flexible silverware basket that can be split into two parts.

Bosch’s entry-level dishwasher is the 100 series.

These dishwashers give you classic Bosch wash performance and longevity without all the bells and whistles. To be able to offer this dishwasher in the $500 – $600 price range, Bosch had to cut some corners. For example, while the sides of the dishwasher are stainless steel, the bottom of the dishwasher is a molded plastic.

Also while not the quietest Bosch dishwasher at 46 decibels, you’ll likely notice an improvement if the dishwasher you’re replacing is 10 years or older.

The 100 series has all the basic wash cycles you’d expect from a modern dishwasher. Auto wash, normal, quick wash, power scrub plus for heavily soiled dishes, economy wash for delicate items, and half load. In the 100 series you’ll have the option of going with a traditional silverware basket or you can upgrade to Bosch’s cutlery tray for added loading flexibility.

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As for drying, the 100 series features Bosch basic PureDry condensation drying, which as we mentioned earlier heats to 160 degrees creating ultra heated surfaces allowing water to evaporate from most dishes. Next in the Bosch lineup is the 300 series. The 300 series represents a large improvement over the 100 series dishwasher.

With the 300 series you’ll get a full stainless steel tub which is an upgrade over the hybrid tub on the 100. The 300 series is even quieter with an operating noise level of 44 decibels. The 300 series gives you extra loading flexibility with fold-able tines and the third rack cutlery tray comes standard on 300 series dishwashers.

For those of you that live in areas with hard water, there is a specialty 300 series dishwasher that includes a water softener built into the dishwasher. Next up is the Bosch 500 series. The 500 series has all the features of the 300 series with a few special additions.

You’ll get a more versatile third rack cutlery tray, capable of holding large items like ramikins and spatulas. The upper basket features a ball bearing easy glide rack, allowing you to smoothly extend the rack even when the dishwasher is fully loaded. The 500 series also includes Bosch’s brand new AutoAir drying feature which automatically pops the door open 30 minutes after the cycle has completed, preventing reverse condensation.

This allows cool dry air to circulate inside the tub eliminating warm humid condensation and making it one of the most effective and energy efficient ways to dry your dishes. Next up in the lineup is the Bosch 800 series. The 800 series has all of the same features as the 500 series but at 42 decibels is even quieter, includes an upgraded control panel with capacitive touch controls, and utilizes Bosch’s groundbreaking new drying technology, CrystalDry.

Unlike all other drying technologies on the market, CrystalDry transforms moisture into heat through the non-toxic mineral zeolite. As condensation builds up, it is channeled through the mineral chamber without ever contacting the water on your dishes. A fan blows the humid air into the crystal dry chamber heating it to over 176 degrees generating a hot dry air.

This air allows for a more hygienic and energy efficient drying result that’s 60% better than competitors even when drying plastics. If you’re looking to control your dishwasher via smart phone, there’s specialty version of the 800’s series, the SHEM78ZH5N, which also includes a built-in water softener and upgraded display. For an even quieter option, look to Bosch’s Premium version of their 800 series.

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Registering at only 40 dB it also includes the MyWay 3rd rack allowing you save space on your bottom racks by to accommodate large items such as cereal bowls. If you are looking for the ability to control your dishwasher via your smart phone. And finally we have the Bosch Benchmark series.

The Benchmark series might not be the right fit for everyone, with a starting price over $1300, however it represents the ultimate in performance. Benchmark dishwashers include all the features of the 800 series with even quieter operation, sturdier construction, and all the bells and whistles. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or stop by one of our New Jersey explainrooms, just a short drive from New York, featuring the entire Bosch dishwasher lineup on display.

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