Cleaning the Glass Inside Your Oven Door

Hi. Wayne here from I’m going to explain you how to clean spills off the glass inside your oven door. You may see streaks of dried food on the inner oven door glass because a cooktop spill dripped down through the vent and inside the door.

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Some people suggest cleaning the inner door glass with a cloth attached to a wire rod, stuck up through the bottom of the oven door. This method typically doesn’t work for heavy spills and you might end up with more streaks than when you started. In this article, we’ll explain you how to disassemble the oven door to reach and clean the glass the right way.

You need a Phillips screwdriver, slot screwdriver, nut driver, work gloves, glass cleaner, a scraper and cleaning cloths.

You’ll also need padding such as towels to put down on a flat work surface to avoid scratching the outer door. Allow the oven to cool if it’s hot. Open the door all the way and use a slot screwdriver to pry down the locking tabs to the unlocked position on both sides of the door. Partially close the door to the broil stop position, which is about 1/4 open.

Grip both sides of the oven door and then lift up and out to remove the door.

The oven door is heavy so get help if you need it. Set the oven door on a padded surface with the inner panel facing up. Remove the screws that secure the door handle and vent to the top of the door and pull off the door handle.

Carefully flip the door over. Lift the side trim rails slightly and pull off the vent. Remove the screws from the bottom door trim.

Lift the outer door panel off and set it on a padded surface with the inner side facing up. If the inner side of the glass on the outer door panel has streaks from a spill, clean it with glass cleaner.

If the surface has a textured coating like this glass, don’t use a scraper to remove spills. Scraping can damage the textured coating. Clean the outer surface of the middle door glass if it’s dirty.

This glass surface doesn’t have a textured coating, so you can use a scraper to loosen food streaks. If the inner surface of the middle door glass has grease drips or you see spills on the other inner door glass surfaces, remove the bracket screws and lift off the middle door glass with the brackets still attached. Set the middle door glass and bracket on a padded surface and clean the inner surface.

Clean the outer surface of the inner door glass if it’s dirty.

The inner door glass on this range has double panes of glass. If the inner surfaces of the inner door glass are dirty, flip the door over and remove the door hinge screws. Lift the door and move the door hinges out of the way.

Flip the oven door back over and remove the heat shield screws and lift the heat shield off.

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Lift the glass to access last glass surface layers and clean them thoroughly. Put the glass back in position. Place the heat shield on the inner door panel and reinstall the screws.

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Flip the door over and position the door hinges under the inner door panel. Reinstall the door hinge screws.

Flip the door back over and reinstall the middle door glass. Place the outer door panel on the oven door and reinstall the bottom door trim screws. Slightly lift the side trim rails and slide the top vent onto the door. Reinstall the door handle, securing it with the screws.

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Position the door in the broil position and work the oven door hinges back into the slots on the front of the range frame.

Open the door fully and rotate the hinge locking tabs into the range frame. Close the oven door. Now there’s only one thing left to do—enjoy the view through your clean oven window!

Well, I hope this article helped you out.

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