Dishwasher Repair – Replacing the Pump Motor with Impeller (Whirlpool Part # W10239404)

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Hi it’s Steve from we are going to explain you how to change the pump motor with impeller on your dishwasher. This is a really easy job, all you are going to need is a ¼ inch nut driver and a 3/8ths nut driver, let me explain you how we do it. Now to do this repair we will need to disconnect the power to the dishwasher, so locate the fuse panel or the breaker panel and disconnect the power at that point.

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Now the pump motor assembly on this dishwasher will come out through from the inside of the tub, but it is quite a difficult procedure and so we recommend that you actually pull the dishwasher out of the cabinet and do the repair that way, so you will need to remove the two ¼ inch hex head screws that secure the access panel to the bottom, once we remove that we can disconnect the inlet water supply once you’ve turned it off, we can also disconnect the power connection to the dishwasher, and as well the drain hose connection and we will need to collect that drain water that is lying in that pipe, so have some towels or a container handy to catch the excess water. Once we have disconnected all of the supplies we can pull the dishwasher out of the cabinet, and then we can gain access to the pump motor, and with the dishwasher laid on its side we now have access to the pump and impeller assembly, and to remove that behind this shield is a 3/8ths bolt, we will remove that 3/8ths bolt and the shield will come out with that, so we will set those aside as we will be reusing them, now we can turn the motor about an 8th of a turn counter clockwise from the back here, and we will carefully wriggle that out of its housing, and the rubber gasket may cause some friction in pulling that out, then we can set that whole assembly aside as we remove the wire harness there is a couple of locking tabs on that harness, and once you pull that off and we will discard the old motor, and while we have that pump out we can clean up this area inside with the chopper blade and the screened mesh, we will clean all that up then we will reinstall that and it just sits in place.

Now before we install the new motor you will notice that there is an arrow on the base of the impeller and we need to line that up with a little notch explainn on the motor housing, so we will rotate that till it lines up because we will need to engage this slot with the tab on the inside of that housing, so when we put it in, in its vertical position that will slide directly over that, just push it fully in into the housing, and once it bottoms out and we rotate the motor clockwise, and that will lock the motor housing to the pump housing, and it still gives us enough room to reinstall our wire harness, ensure the locking tabs engage, and we will take the shield with the 3/8ths bolt and slide that in over the top of the motor, and reinstall that bolt and make sure that bolt is nice and snug, and now we are ready to stand the dishwasher up and reconnect the drain, the inlet water supply and our power supply and our repair will be complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.