Dryer Repair – Replacing the Lower Front Drum Felt Seal (GE Part # WE9M30)

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from, we are going to explain you how to change the Front Drum Seal on your dryer, it’s a pretty easy job, only need a few hand tools, a square head #2 Robertson screw driver or a Philips screw driver, and you might need a little flat blade. Let me explain you how it’s done.

The first step in this repair will be to disconnect the power to the dryer, if there’s a plug on it just disconnect it from the receptacle, if it’s a hard wired then you need to turn off the breaker or the disconnect switch. Next we need to remove the front of the dryer; to gain access to that we have to take this trim panel off from the back of the console, there’s three Robertson/Philips screws, once we remove that, we’ll take the top off, and then the front.

Two long screws that hold the top on now lift up on the front of the top and pull it forward and it will lift out of place. Next we need to disconnect the wires to the sensor and door switch, we should locate it on the left hand side here, just disconnect those, and we are ready to remove the front. One screw in each end of the brace that holds the control panel in place, simply lift up on this, and lay it across the top of the cabinet.

come out, just pull forward

Those are the two wires that needed to disconnect for the sensor and the door switch circuit. Next we have two screws on the top corner and also two in the bottom that just need to be loosened, top two needs to come out, just pull forward on the front panel and lift it free of the two screws on the bottom.

the cabinet, set those

Now we have access to our front glides and our felt, now that we have the front panel off and the shroud exposed we do have access to the lower felt, to remove it we simply need to disengage it from the tabs that hold it in place, peel it out all the way round, unhook it from the tab in the opposite end, install the new one, take the loose end, insert it into the same area the old one came out of, tuck it around, just fit it loosely into the slot, take the loose end and tuck it into that little gap at the end, now with a flat blade screw driver tuck the outer edge into these retaining tabs so it lies flat. Now we are ready to reinstall the front.

Now that we’ve replaced the parts we’ve required, we can reinstall the front panel, I want to make sure that we engage these two slots on the front panel, the two screws in front of the cabinet, set those in first, if the two wire harnesses up make sure they don’t get pinched, we’ll lift the drum up slightly so that it fits over the bearing housing, and we need to line up the slots on the cabinet and the front panel, now we’ll reinstall the two screws that secure the front to the cabinet, secure the two bottom screws, reconnect their wire harnesses on to their console, then slide it into place, make sure it fits firmly on top of the cabinet edge, reinstall and secure that. Next we reinstall the top, we then line up these two slots at the rear, two little hooks pull back and make sure they are firmly engaged, we’ll secure the top with the two long screws, and last we’ll reinstall the trim piece in the back of the control panel, secure the three screws.

Now we are ready to reconnect the dryer to the electrical supply, and our repair is complete, that’s just how easy it is to change the front drum seal on your dryer. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your repair.

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