Electrolux Oven Problems

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I need your advice regarding Electrolux oven problems. Their wall ovens had problems with the control panels failing after the self-cleaning function was used. I do not consider the oven burning off the caked on grease a trade off for a new control panel. I know there are articles on not using the self-cleaning function, because it burns out elements and can heat up the oven hot enough to chip off paint.

You see the LCD screens go out periodically too, even if you do not do self-cleaning.

Okay, that’s bad. Is it as bad as some brands where when the control screen goes, you cannot even run it? Nope, you cannot use it, whereas an old oven could be jerry-rigged to work with pliers or another knob on the oven.

What other problems do the Electrolux ovens have?

They’ve also had problems with the oven door glass. I do not care about cleaning problems cleaning the glass. I only need to be able to see if the food is done or burnt.

Electrolux has had problems with exploding oven doors.

Okay, that’s the opposite of clean. Some of the ovens simple craze and look like weird crystal in the oven door, though now you risk heat leaking out when the oven is running. I’d be running to the store to get a new window, instead of risk the crumbling shards stuck in the frame mixing in with the food I put in the oven to cook.

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And that’s assuming it can still cook. Electrolux says their oven doors have tempered glass that should pebble or break into lots of little pieces under extreme pressure and heat instead of explode, but then it just explainers glass on the floor when you open the door. How often does that happen?

There are dozens of cases with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Then it is a one in a thousand case that looks really cool in the complaints section, but not a major problem. Electrolux ovens do let you take the glass out to clean it, whereas most of their rivals require a service call to clean the inside of it. That’s actually a plus. The control panels are still a problem though, sometimes even kicking into broil when it should be baking.

I’d say the goose would be cooked, but we prefer chicken.

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The biggest problem they have is breaking down way more often than their repair tag should indicate, and then charging you a similarly inflated price for replacement parts. How is customer service? Surprisingly average, since you can almost always find someone willing to work for the price the company charges.