Freezer Door gasket Massage

What we are looking at is air infiltration into the freezer. That infiltration is coming from some gaps in the door. This indicates that the heaters are on for the doors.

this was our

There is a whole bunch of air coming in. They feel pretty good.

So we need to resolve door gasket issues. We have removed any ice and massaged these gaskets. They are warm because we have the mullion heaters in the door frame.

If they where not you could use a heat gun or blow drier. To get them loose. You don’t want to be trying to work with them when they are completely frozen.

We have massaged these in a couple areas we have gone ahead and pulled them back out and reinserted them to get them relaxed. this was our big problem over here. and now you can see no light through there. We are pristine. we are a OK. No new door gaskets needed and if there was any damage to the door gaskets that would be a different case.

They feel pretty good

We want to make sure they are a relaxed fit.

Then you want to wait a little while. If possible go clean some condensers or something. Come back and double check That what we have going on here is happening through out.

Everything is sitting nice enough.

If that is not the case then you might have Damaged doors. A bent door. You might have a bent center piece here you know. Maybe some one ran into it with a fork lift or something.

Also you saw

Then we wouldn’t be out of the woods with a nice gasket massage.

Keep your eye out. Also you saw some of that frost. That is frost not ice for the most part was collecting on our air pathway here.

good day

You need to make sure to take a minute and get that out of there of you will be back again with another problem cascading from our original problem. Thanks for reading. Subscribe and have a good day.