Fridge Leaking Water on Floor – How to Repair Refrigerator Leaking on Floor – Fridge Leaking Water

Water leaking from behind your fridge can and will cause damage to your floors. But the fix is really not that complicated. This is the first time I'm going to attempt to do this kind of repair so in this article I'm going to explain you step by step how I stopped a water leak from behind my fridge.

First remove all the screws to the bottom back panel of the fridge. It doesn't really matter what brand of fridge you have the steps are going to be about the same. Here I can see the problem and where the water is coming from.

panels, turn on the water

This is called the inlet valve and it needs to be replaced. So let's start by shutting off the water supply and unplugging the fridge. Then unplug the electrical connectors from the valve.

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Now I'm going to pop out the bracket for the water supply line.

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And I need to take out the tubing on the inlet valve. These round seals need to be pushed up to release the tubing. And sometimes they need firm pressure in order to release the tubing.

Now do the same with the main supply tube on the other side.

Remove any screws holding the inlet valve to the panel. The inlet valve is now loose but you might have to wiggle it a bit to get it out. I ordered a new inlet valve online and it was kinda easy to find as long as I had the brand and model number from my fridge handy.

Although the part numbers between the original and the replacement were just off, I knew this was the right part by comparing pictures online. So now I'll just reverse the process for mounting the inlet valve. I'll first attach it to the panel and it helps to keep track of all the screws that have been taken out.

Before reattaching the tubes, make sure they're cut at ninety degree angles. And recut them if needed so they're flat on the ends. On mine it wasn't necessary it was already pretty flat. Now simply slip them back into the inlet valve just like this.

These tubes are different sizes so you can't mess them up but they'll lock in securely with a little push.

Reconnect the electrical lines and snap the water supply line bracket in place. At this point we're almost done here. Now slip the main tube to the fridge and everything is reconnected. Before re-attaching the back panels, turn on the water and plug in the fridge to test the new inlet valve.

Run a good amount of water through the dispenser and check the inlet valve for any leaks.

I ran quite a bit of water through and there were no more leaks from the new inlet valve! So that means the repair is done and the back panels can be screwed back onto the fridge. Please let me know in the comments if this article helped you fix your leaky fridge!

I'd love to hear if you were able to do this repair yourself!

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