Frigidaire Oven Repair – How to Replace the Outer Door Glass (Frigidaire Part # 316406400)

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We’d like to explain you how to change the outer door glass in your range. It’s a really easy job. Let me explain you how we do it.

Now to do this repair, the easiest way is to remove the door from the range. So we’ll start by opening it up.

Then on the hinges you’ll note that there is a little locking tab, just pry that up with a small flat blade screwdriver, fold it completely down. Do the same on both sides. When we raise the door back up, we’ll come up against those stops.

We can then just lift the whole door completely up and remove it from the oven. We’ll set that on a suitable work surface and we can change out that outer glass. Now that we have the door on a work surface, we’ll next remove the two screws that go through the door into the handle. Make sure you support that handle as you remove the screw so that it doesn’t damage the opposite end.

Just lift the handle away, set it aside, and then we’re going to turn that door completely over.

When we do so, we’ll make sure that we support that outer door glass if it’s still intact. Then we can slide that top vent piece upwards. That will disengage the door from the bottom website. With the door laying on its back, we’ll next take that top vent.

We’re just going to push upwards on that.

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That will disengage the door glass from the bottom website and then spread your hand in under there and pull it away from that top vent. Discard the old glass. Before we install the new one, it’s an opportunity to clean that inner door glass if it has any staining on it, and we’ll also want to ensure before we put the new glass in place that we clean the inside of it.

Then lay it on those side pieces.

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Slide it far enough forward that we can clear that bottom website and make sure it’s fully inserted into the bottom lip of that top vent, and grasp that vent, pull it down onto the glass, push the glass into that lower website. Now we can turn it back over and reinstall the handle. Start the screw from the inside first so you just feel it coming out through that vent, and we’ll take our handle.

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We’ll make sure that when we put the handle on then we put the side with the two notches on it facing down. Then we’ll line up the screw hole in that handle. Just support that handle then we can start the other screw and tighten both of them securely, and now we’re ready to put that door back on the range.

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On putting the door back on, we want to make sure that we have both sides fully inserted into the oven body, and if they’re properly inserted, we should be able to open that door completely. Then we just need to push those little stops back into the oven liner, then close the door up, and your repair is complete.