How Do I Check My Dishwasher When The E18 Error Code Is Shown – Cleaning & Care

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How do I check my dishwasher when the E-18 error code is explainn? When the E18 error code is explainn on your dishwasher’s display, please switch off and unplug your appliance This error code means that the water supply has been cut or it is too low As a first step, pull out the dishwasher and check that the inlet and outlet hoses behind the appliance are not trapped or kinked If the dishwasher is built-in you will need to access the cupboard from the side If you’re not sure how to do that please follow the mounting and installation instructions of the dishwasher When replacing the dishwasher, pull carefully on the hoses as you push the dishwasher back into position So they are not trapped because this will restrict the water flow The second step is to check your water supply to the appliance which should be 10 litres per minute Turn off the water supply by twisting clockwise Remove the inlet hose by using a towel as explainn And check there is no water still flowing Then place a bucket under the water supply and fully turn on the water Once you have checked the tap is running at 10 liters per minute turn it off reattach the hose and turn the supply back on Please note that some older taps can cause this error when a dishwasher is installed Because no water is flowing even when the tap position appears to be on as the mechanism has not engaged. Always check for leaks afterwards The third step is to clean the detachable filter in your inlet hose The two different types of hose we use in our dishwashers are explainn In both cases the filter is removed using for example a pair of needle pliers very carefully You will need to pull fairly hard to detach it You can now clean the filter under the tap The filter should be securely reattached to the hose using the pliers ensuring it is fully and securely pressed in Hold it in the middle and not the side to avoid damaging the filter Once the host is reattached and the water supply is turned back on, check for any leaks plug in and use the appliance again Test it using the pre-wash program Please check and follow these steps If you need further information, please refer to the instruction manual To find out more about our cleaning and care products or to arrange an engineer visit please visit the Bosch Home Appliances website you

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