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I'm going to explain you how to assemble an oven tower. An oven tower consists of a microwave box, two 600mm drawer cabinets, two pantry end-panels, one slimline cabinet, and one oven-tower pack. So, I'm going to explain you how to put these together.

The tools I'll need are drills, drill bits, clamps, a level, squares, pencil, tape measure, and most importantly your safety gear. And I'll need my stands for later on when we install the microwave cabinet. I'm going to start making the 600mm drawer cabinet first.

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I'm going to start off by screwing my 50mm screws into the side.

Now we'll repeat the same on the other side. Now I'm going to pop in my top panel. Now for the back. Now I'm going to attach the adjustable legs to the base of the cabinet.

Them two join together.

This little part into the back of the feet. And then that just screws on. You'll know where to put your legs because the base already has pre-drilled holes in it.

Make sure your tapered end is facing outwards. Once it's screwed down, it's easy then to put the adjustable leg in. Now you can adjust it to the correct height of 145.

I'll repeat this process for the following three legs.

NowWe're going to attach the drawer runners to the sides of the cabinets where the pre-drilled holes are ready to go for you. First thing I'll do is dismantle the drawer runner. So as you screw the last couple of screws in which go in the larger holes the last hole here we just need a little pre-drilling. So with my 2mm drill bit I drill a little pilot hole and then screw them in.

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Now repeat those same steps and do the other side.

Now we'll attach the drawer together starting off with my base panel and I'll attach the front and back panels to that. Now for the left and right panels. The next step is to attach my drawer runner to my drawers.

To disconnect it I just push this little button out and it pops out. Now I'll attach the drawer runner to the drawer using the pr-edrilled holes. Each drawer runner is different. With this type, I've had to pre-drill one hole in the middle.

Now I'm going to attach the drawer panel to the drawer.

First off we need to measure from the base of the cabinet to the bottom of the drawer. I will transfer that onto my drawer panel. Now put the drawer on my drawer-face using my 29mm that I got before.

I set the back of the drawer to that line. I'll now equally measure from side and side. Now that my drawer is in position I can clamp this to pre-drill my holes.

With a small pilot hole, I'll drill four holes in either side. I'm going to get started on building our next component. If you need any more information check out our article on how to build a microwave box.That's my microwave box.

Now onto my slimline cabinet.

Now, that I've got my two draw cabinets assembled. I'm going to start by screwing them together by clamping them. I'm going to screw in four screws, one in every corner.

First I'm going to pre-drill the holes and then screw them in.

Now that I've got all my components together I'm now going to screw in my slimline cabinet to my microwave box. Keep in my to set it back 20mm for the door that's going to go on afterwards. Now I'm ready to assemble my oven tower.

My first panel here I'm going to start by laying it on the ground. If you wish to do it vertically, you can also purchase some of these stands. I've got my mate, Tiny, to come in and help me.

First I'm going to lay my drawers on their side and get the correct measurement from the ground to the top.

It needs to be 145mm, because that's the height of the kickboard. Keeping in mind it needs to be 20mm back for your door panel. Now, that I've got my measurements I'm ready to screw it to the panel.

This cabinet attaches flush with the top of the panel allowing enough room for your oven to fit in. Now I'm going to pre-drill and screw it to the panel. Now I'll finish pre-drilling my holes.

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I'm going to screw it together using my 29mm screws.

Repeat the process and fix-off your second panel. Make sure the slightly beveled edge is facing out. Now to put the oven cleats in.

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Don't forget to set it back 20mm just so the oven sits nice and square in the box.

Now that I've got my cleat in place I'll now pre-drill and then drill the hole. Now that I've put my cleats on I'm going to install the heat deflector which will help protect the sides of your cabinets from your oven. Sits flush with the edge.

Now pre-drill. Don't forget to use the smaller screws, 10mm so it doesn't go through the edge of the panel. Now, we'll repeat the process on the other side.

Now that we've installed the cleats now it is time to put our face-panel in.

The face panel will sit here and will be attached with some angle-brackets that will sit on either edge and then screwed in from the back here. Now that we've screwed the angle-brackets on it's time to attach it. Now that I've put that in there I'll just fix it in from behind.

Now, I'll fix the last two angle-brackets on the other side of the microwave box just to close that gap in a bit more. The last thing we need to do is attach the fixing rail to the back of the oven tower so that we can fix it to the wall. The way we fix this is by attaching the angle-brackets to the end like we did with the panel.

All done.

Looks fantastic. And that's how to assemble an oven tower.