How to Fit Freezer Drawer Fronts

In this article I'll be explaining you how to replace freezer drawer fronts. Freezer drawer's on most fridges & fridge freezers are made of plastic and can become brittle when cold and crack easily. Freezer drawer are commonly supplied in two parts, you have the freezer drawer body and the freezer drawer front. These can be difficult to separate without causing further damage.

We get a lot of questions here at as to the best technique to separate these two items.

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So we thought we'd help out by making this article. The first thing to do is to examine your freezer drawer carefully. You should find pegs that locate and lock the front in place.

To help release these ensure the plastic is warm as the softened it and makes it less likely to crack. Working on the bottom edge carefully push between the front and the locating pegs a flat blade a blunt knife or even an old credit card to help part the clip.

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Slowly and carefully work along the edge from one side to the other progressively opening the join until you can lift it away from the bottom and disconnect from the top of the sides. What I'm going to do is put a blunt knife so that's opened up one of the pegs. I can then put a credit card or shop card here and open them up gradually Do take your time with this you can even if you have an old credit card or shop card cut it into strips to make life a little easier for you.

Once you release the pegs on the bottom edge you can work on the sides to release the front from the drawer body. If any of the pegs do go back into the holes simply feed a credit card or shop card in between the gap. It should make it much easier to leaver off like so.

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That was the hard bit, to put your new front on your drawer there are two pegs at the top that you just need to locate your drawer front onto and then hinge the drawer front down and click it into place.

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There we have it a new drawer front. Remember spares and accessories for all the appliances around your home can be found on the website . Thanks for reading.