How to Fix a Gas Oven Igniter

I need to know how to fix a gas oven igniter. First, make sure the oven actually has gas to it. Of course the gas is on.

I don’t want you to complain about the ignition working if it doesn’t have the gas to ignite. And I can’t blame this on dirty nozzles.

Can you blame it on a power outage? If the power is out, the gas may work but the igniter won’t, because it needs power. The lights work too.

If the oven is flashing a notice that there was a power outage, it may not run at all until you turn it off and back on or select a cycle. I’ve been hitting buttons in an effort to get it to work. Check to see if the stovetop igniters work before assuming it is the igniter in the oven that’s failing.

After all, if the stovetop won’t ignite, it might be a problem with your gas supply.

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Or power supply via a loose wire or thermal fuse or half a dozen other things, but the stove top igniters do work. That means the issue isn’t the gas supply. Make sure the valves are set to on, though, because they won’t ignite if someone turned off gas to the oven.

If the power is out

Why would someone turn it off? They smelled gas, they were cleaning the nozzles, the thing seemed to be burning unevenly, I don’t know why.

I can check, but I don’t think that is it. You should turn off the gas while you clean the pilot hole where the gas comes out, just in case it does need to be cleaned. That should resolve all the potential supply problems except the actual ignition.

Turn off power to the oven. Then check the igniter for sparks when you hit the ignition button.

You want me to make sure the ignition works. Yeah, and do it in a way that won’t blow up in your face literally. If you don’t see sparks, the igniter needs to be replaced.

What if it sparks but not much or not enough to light the gas? You should hear a click when it tries to ignite, and if you don’t hear it every time, then you’ll want to call in a pro to replace parts.

Because it is a mechanical thing. Because it could be anything in the gas and ignition system that is more than something you should be messing with. Let us suppose I hear the click but it doesn’t ignite every time.

What do I do in that case?

Check the electrical connections for the igniter to make sure they are tight and secure. If anything is loose, it may not ignite every time. Then it isn’t me with a screw loose.

But if you’ve had wires loose enough to cause ignition to fail, the oven might have stopped working because of the gas repeatedly trying to ignite.

That’s easy to fix. Power cycle the oven so that the control board resets, just like I do with the gaming console. Remember that the ignition should also cause the bi-metal safety valve to open to let in gas.

If it sparks and doesn’t turn on the gas, that safety valve needs to be replaced by a pro. If in doubt, pay extra for someone else to do it.

Got it.