How to Fix a Jenn-Air Refrigerator

I need to know how to fix a Jenn-Air refrigerator. I’m not surprised it needs fixed, since it is a Jenn-Air. What can I fix on the Jenn Air myself?

Occasionally, the problems with their ice makers are fixed by simply replacing the ice maker, even if the unit is not even a year old. If the ice maker is that incorrigible, I can solve that by getting old fashioned ice cube trays. A separate problem the Jenn Air refrigerators have is that they constantly leak water.

How do you fix that? Check the auto defrost settings so that it doesn’t wait until the freezer looks like a scene from the movie Frozen before it turns on. I do not know how to set that.

Jenn Air fridges

It might have to be changed by a repairman, if you cannot alter it via settings on the control board. Then again, the control board might be the problem. That would require a repair person.

You can also check the freezer drain that drains away the condensate and clean it or clear out the ice so it drains to the drain pan instead of leaking out other places. It would be funny if the water leaked out of the front because the drain froze over. That’s a common cause of leaking fridges, though the brand Kelly Ripa promotes has it so bad that the vegetable crisper tends to turn into vegetable soup as it accumulates water.

That’s not Jenn Air.

air out the fridge periodically

Jenn Air has a tendency not to drain properly, either. That causes a mold smell if you don’t air out the fridge periodically, and you may want to pour warm bleach water down the drain tubes to keep them clear. Of ice or mold?

Both. A separate issue their fridges have is not staying cold enough. I’m assuming this is not due to a refrigerant leak. Jenn Air fridges do leak refrigerant as much as some of their not-so-great competitors.

However, they have issues not staying cold for other reasons.

The whole purpose of a fridge is to keep things cold. You can improve its functionality by ensuring at least two feet of air around the fridge in all directions and keeping the coils dust free. I do not even dust in the kitchen, much less the back of the fridge.

Some of the fridges have problems with the hinges, so the doors do not close properly. The French door Jenn Air fridges do not even let you close both doors at the same time.

Just make sure you close both doors separately, and be careful that the vertically sealed hinge on the left side folds back and seals properly when you close it. Yeah, because if the seal doesn’t seal, it cannot keep the cold air in.

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