How to Remove a Stuck item from a Washing Machine Drum

in this article I’ll be explaining you how to remove a bra wire or other foreign object from your washing machine. If during or after a wash cycle your machine starts to make a strange noise when the drum turns it may well mean that you have a foreign object trapped between the inner drum and the outer drum. Now it’s essential you remove this as soon as possible as it could perforate the drum causing flooding in your home and irreparable damage to your machine.

Safety first: Always unplug an appliance before carrying out any work. Now as soon as you hear the noise coming from something catching use a torch and look carefully at the perforations in the inner drum. Slowly turn the drum and try to identify where the noise is coming from. You may be lucky and spot the end of a bra wire and using your hands very carefully or a pair of pliers ease the bra wire out of the perforations.

You might need to turn the drum a little to ease it out.

the back of

The next problem I’m going to look at is a small item of clothing trapped between the inner and outer drum. If you spin your drum and you can see and feel a lot of resistance in the drum it may mean that something is trapped between the inner drum and the outer drum. So what you can do is put a little gap in the seal in between the seal and the inner drum.

Turning the drum again you may be lucky enough to see the item that’s stopping it from turning. However if you can’t it’s a good idea to use a thin flexible probe such as a cable tie. And work that around the outside of the inner drum to see if you can feel where the object is Ah, I can actually see it and feel that we have a cloth trapped between the inner and outer drum.

inside the machine

If you can pull that out with your fingers great but what may well happen in that case is the item will break in half if it’s a rag such as this and you don’t want the other half being trapped inside the machine. So to remove this i’m going to use a flathead screwdriver and wedge that between the inner drum and the door seal and then lever it back just to give me a bit more space to access the item inside. There we go, managed to get it all out.

After removing the object give your drum a spin to ensure that there isn’t too large of a gap between the drum and the seal. If there is you can easily knock the drum back into place using a wooden mallet as you don’t want a larger gap to appear making it even easier for clothes and objects to get trapped behind. If you’ve been unsuccessful in finding the object between the inner drum and the seal it may well be that it slipped underneath the drum.

for clothes and objects

To access underneath the drum you’re going to have to remove either the heater or the sump hose to find the object. I’ve just removed the back of the Machine and I’ll take the heater out to explain you how an item could be trapped in the heater itself. And there we can see the item. If you haven’t been unlucky and find that the item isn’t on the heater.

It’s worth taking a torch and having a good look inside the heater housing to see if anything’s inside there.

Failing that you want to gain access to the sump hose from the bottom of the machine. In that instance it’s better if you put the machine on to its side so you can access the sump hose safely. When putting the heater back in make sure that you push it in firmly and that it engages with the bracket.

I have put the machine on to its side and remove the base plate here, and here we can see the sump hose. I’ve also loosen the clip so we can ease the hose off and here we can see underneath the drum. So this is another way to access underneath the drum.

You can also tilt the machine back upright and use a torch to shine through the perforations and then if you see an object you could push it through and access it via the sump opening here. On some models of washing machine is possible to remove the drum paddle from inside the drum which is another way to access underneath the drum. However on this model that’s not possible.

If you’ve looked at all the techniques in this article and you still can’t find the offending item it may well be they will have to dismantle the drum itself. To do that please see another article how to replace the drum bearings in your washing machine. Remember spares and accessories for all the appliances around your home can be found on the website.

Thanks for reading.