How to Repair Windshield Washing System : Electric Check for Windshield System

and unplug it

Hi, my name is Nathan McCullough on behalf of Expert Village. In these clips we’re going to talk about some of the possible problems with your windshield washer system and some hints and tips to get better performance out of it. In this article we’re going to talk about the diagnostic procedures for our washer pump and how to unplug the electrical connection.

This is the washer pump, I have it removed just for visualization purposes so you can see how you unplug it.

There is no fastener or safety catch on this one. So you just go ahead grab a hold of it and unplug it. See the prongs there?

ve done is hooked

What we’re going to do for the diagnostic phase is insert a test light and back probe these connectors.

One of these are going to be hot and one of these are going to be ground. We’re checking for power to be sent from our switch to command the washer solvent pump to engage. So what I’ve done is hooked the other end of my test light up to a ground on the engine, any decent ground will work and I’m going to probe the connector and have my partner engage the switch. What you’ll notice if the circuit is good, my test light will light up.

I’m going to go ahead and have him cycle it a couple of times.

You can see the light go off, on, off, on just like that. That means that the switch and all of the wiring from here, back to the passenger compartment is good. What that does is indicate a bad washer pump.

ground on the engine

The pump has windings inside here called an armature and more than likely just over time and use, one of the windings have been degraded and has shorted out.

That is the proper way to diagnose your washer pump motor.