How to Replace a Dishwasher Wash Motor (Hotpoint)

, in this article I’ll be explaining you how to change the wash motor in a Hotpoint dishwasher. If your wash motor makes a loud buzzing noise it squeals was when running or it doesn’t spray water at all you’ll need to replace it. Safety first: Always unplug the appliance before carrying out any work.

In order to access I’ll be needing to remove the bottom plate so to do that I first need to take the bottom basket out and the filters in order to drain water in and around the sump.

So grab a wash bowl and a sponge and simply lift the excess water from the sump using this sponge into the bowl. With all the water drained from the sump, close the door and turn the machine round. So the next thing we need to do is disconnect the water supply and also disconnect this hose as well.

I need to undo these three screws to release the base plate. Once the machine is on its back these aren’t accessible so it has to be done first. With those three screws removed i can then spin the dishwasher round and lay it on its back.

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With the dishwasher now on its back I need to undo these three screws that hold the base plate on. With the three screws removed you can lift off the base plate, and on the underneath is a switch in case the machine floods so just disconnect the electrical connector and the base plate is now free.

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Here we have the wash motor here it is connected to the machine by three hoses, and this one at the back is quite difficult to access so in order to gain access to the wash motor I’m going to disconnect the drain pump so its just one screw that holds it in position electrical connectors and then twist it out of place. With the drain pump out of the way I next need to disconnect the electrical connectors to the wash pump, one at the top and one at the bottom.

There is a spring clip a large spring clip holding the wash motor in place so what I’m going to do is using the palm of my hand to put it a little bit of pressure and the clip should release. But there is a very sharp edge here along the outside of the cabinet. So I’m just going to put a cloth down to protect my wrists.

Now the only thing holding wash pump in place is the three rubber hoses and these manufacturer clips here.

These manufacturers clips are meant to be reused so if you’re doing this replacement it is a good idea to have some jubilee clips in order to replace these ones. Easy enough to remove these hoses, grab a pair of pump pliers get a nice grip around the hose and the clip and then with a little bit of movement while pushing the wash motor down should release the hose like so.

Once the top ones out of the way I can then move on to this one, exactly the same process use your pump pliers to get a good grip and then just ease the wash motor away from the hose and with those two out the way I can now do exactly the same to the last one. Even though we drained the sump there may be some fluid inside the wash pump still, so it’s a good idea to have a cloth handy to catch any of that.

Before we put in our replacement wash pump we’ve got to first remove the spring mounting clip at the bottom of the old pump and put it on to our replacement. Before we do so make sure you know exactly how it fits in place on the wash pump see the arm the lower arm of the clip is in co relation to the upper pipe on the wash motor here.

and the filters

Easy enough to remove turn it clockwise to release the spring grab your replacement pump put it in place nice and firmly on the bottom turning it clockwise to get it in place. And once in position you can then twist it into the same position it was on the old pump. Now before I put the replacement pump in the dishwasher I now need to remove the old manufacturers clips from the hoses and replace them with the jubilee clips.

With all the jubilee clips in place I can use the spring mounting at the bottom reattach that to the dishwasher making sure it’s firmly in place before reattaching the two rear hoses. and then tightening the jubilee clips on those two. With the two rear hoses reattached I can now attach the top hose and tighten up the final jubilee clip. With all the clips nicely tightened I can reconnect the electrical connections, and replace the drain pump.

When replacing the drain pump make sure these little pips come all the way up’ If you twist it too early these can break off so make sure you’re twisting it and it’s nice and firm. I can then replace the locking screw and then the anti floods switch and baseplate. With those three screws in place I can now lift the dishwasher upright, replace the three screws at the back as well.

With the base plate now screwed into position I can replace the hose at the back . Now all I need to do is to replace the bottom basket and the filters inside. So there we have it, one new wash motor fitted to this Hotpoint dishwasher. Spares for dishwashers and all other appliances can be found on the website.

Thanks for reading.