How to Replace an Electric Laundry Center Snubber Ring (Kenmore, Frigidaire)

Lift the top panel up

The snubber ring mounts between the leg and dome assembly in the washer base. It provides flexible support for the leg and dome assembly. If the snubber ring wears out, the washer bangs the cabinet sides during the spin cycle.

Replace a worn out snubber ring using the steps in this article.

Before you begin, wear work gloves to protect your hands. Unplug the laundry center. Remove the screws from the bottom of the front panel.

Slide the front panel down to release the mounting tabs and pull it off.

snubber ring with

Remove the front access panel mounting screws. Pull off the front access panel. Remove the screws from under the front corners of the top panel. Lift the top panel up.

Disconnect the wires from the lid lock switch. Pull off the top washer panel. Tilt the top of the tub forward and remove the front vertical suspension spring and then remove the horizontal suspension spring.

Use a crow bar to pry up the leg and dome.

Reinstall the mounting

Warning: Never place your hand under the leg and dome assembly while it’s raised. Use a wire hook to pull out the snubber ring. Position the new snubber ring with the arrow pointing up.

With the leg and dome assembly pried up, use the wire hook to slide the new snubber into position.

Lower the leg and dome assembly and pull the block of wood out of the cabinet. Tilt the top of the tub forward and reconnect the horizontal suspension spring and then reconnect the vertical suspension spring. Position the top washer panel on the washer cabinet.

Reconnect the wires to the washer lid switch. Reinstall the mounting screws. Position the front access panel on the laundry center frame. Reinstall the mounting screws.

ring with the arrow

Push the front panel mounting tabs into the mounting slots and slide the panel up to engage the mounting tabs. Reinstall the mounting screws. Plug the laundry center back in.