How to Replace the Door Handle on a Bosch Washing Machine

Hi, I’m Mat. Welcome to In this article, I’ll be explaining you how to replace the door handle on a Bosch washing machine.

If your door handle is cracked or broken you’ll no longer be able to open the door, so you’ll need to replace it. Always work safely disconnect the appliance before you start the repair. To find the right spare for your model look inside the door and grab the model details.

Then go to the website and order the correct part.

Note the position of the door glass before going any further as it’s important to make sure it looks the same when you have finished the repair. Locate the two screws that go through the door hinge into the cabinet here. These are Torx head screws so you’ll need a Torx head screwdriver.

flat surface

Remove those and lift the whole door assembly out. After placing the door assembly on a flat surface I now need to remove all the screws including one that’s hidden behind this sticker.

With all the screws removed lift up the inner panel slightly to remove the hinge and then flip the whole assembly over. Let the inner door panel drop down. So I’ve moved the rest of the door out of the way.

Locate the two

Now I can release the catch and the spring assembly by using a flat headed screwdriver just to leave that underneath and then push it forward to release.

slightly to remove the hinge

To release the door handle, lift up the outer panel slightly and then angle the handle out and grab your new one. Then place in and just make sure these bars are locked into place either side. To refit the pin and spring assembly just need to make sure that the metal piece here hinges underneath there and then this tab this white plastic tab here goes flush against the inside of the plastic here.

So put the metal in first and then push it down into position.

Replace the outer door onto your door assembly and then lift up the inner panel making sure that the hole for the door catch wraps around the catch itself like so. Flip the door over, refit the hinge by lifting up the inner panel and placing inside and then refit all the screws on the door. With all the screws in place, I can now refit the door to the machine.

here hinges

When fitting any new parts on the door always make sure to test before you use the machine.

So there we have it, one new door handle fitted to this Bosch washing machine. Give this article a thumbs up if we’ve helped you and subscribe for more handy how-to articles. Find all the spares and accessories you will ever need on the website.

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