How to replace the washing machine door glass on a Hotpoint washer

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Hello, I’m Rory from and in this article I’m going to explain you how to replace the plastic door shield and the glass door bowl on this Hotpoint washing machine. Now as you can see the shield on this washing machine has been smashed, so obviously needs replacing, but while I’m at it I’m also going to replace the glass door bowl as well. Now, safety first.

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Always switch off the machine at the mains before you do any work on it. The first thing I’m going to need to do is take the door off the machine, so I need to unscrew these four screws. You now need to unclip the two trims from each other.

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You just need a flat-head screwdriver to just ‘jimmy’ the two parts away from each other. And now they should just, with a little bit of a bump, come apart. Now, this is the outer door trim, I’m just going to put that to one side for one minute.

I can now get my old shield and bowl away.

I’m replacing both so I’ll get rid of them. Here we have the new bowl, and the new shield. I’m going to put the shield inside the bowl. This hook matches up with the lip on the bowl.

This hook matches up with the lip on the bowl, so it just sits like that. Now I can grab the two parts and put them back in the inner door trim. You need to match the lip and the hook up to this locating hole there.

Once you’ve done that, grab the outer door trim and now we can just put this back on the rest of the door, and then put everything back together. And that’s it. Brand new shield, brand new bowl, easy as that.

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Shields and bowls for all makes and model of washing machine are available on the website. Thanks for reading.