How to unclog a toilet using hot water & dish soap. DIY…save MONEY before calling a plumber!

Hey, how you doin’? Guess what? This weekend I had a clogged toilet…so we’re going to look at what I did to clear out my clogged toilet back here.

Now, there’s tons of articles out there on website and actually… I looked up on how to do this. So that’s the purpose of this article is to explain ya that I did a little research on website and found out that it actually works and i tried some other Ideas you know with the plunger and some vinegar and all that But, this method actually worked for me.

So, let’s take a look at the toilet and I’ll explain you what happened. And i’m going to try and not to be disgusting here and try to make this as professional as possible So here’s the Loo, the Head, the Crapper…whatever you want to call it Now this is completely good to go, but what happened is that the water would not flow down So I’d flush it…and the water would go up to the rim and It would just slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, creep down And I was thinking, “how the heck am I going to get this going here” it’s not a really bad leak And of course you want to if you really have a bad stopped, stopped up, sopped up stopped up toilet You want to call the plumber for advice…or have them come out But before you do that, try this, okay, i’m going to move the camera back over here Sorry about the jittery jittery jittery.

I’m trying to get everything in here This is what I want you guys to do Like i said I tried distilled white vinegar I don’t know. It seemed like it worked a little bit but you don’t know So what you wanna do is… Get some extremely hot tap water here going.

I mean hot-hot-hot-hot-hot You fill this up Now you want this to be as hot as it can be. Not tepid you know lukewarm But, I mean hot-hot. When you stick your hand in there and you know it hurts you know?

You don’t want to stick your hand in hot water…so, read this Pour the hot water in the bowl okay Now what’s going to happen Is that the bowl is going the water levels going to stay right up to the rim But what you want to do is get your favorite dish soap I’m using Palmolive here Squirt about, oh, I don’t know, eight ounces or so in there What this is going to do is soak down the bottom. Then, take another bucket As it starts to flow down Fill back up with hot water okay Well, what I think Is going on is that…this is making everything nice and slippery inside the bowl And the bowl itself has a kind of…does a weird snake maneuver type thing so This gets right down to the bottom the hot water helps get everything nice and lubricated in there and hopefully it will push it out Now I gotta tell ya’ What I did… was, I filled up that little bucket that little two-and-a-half gallon bucket probably about five or six times.

You need patience when you do this. It’s not going to be instantaneous It’s not going to work immediately. You gotta let it set in there. While you have the water.

You initially put it in the hot water Squirted a little bit of dish soap in there. Then refilled it up with hot water. Let it sit for…

sopped up stopped up

I don’t know, maybe 10-15 minutes minimum and And go do whatever you need to do.

You know, make sure you’re clean you Wash your hands when you work you’re working around around all this too! So, let it set Go back with another gallon Or two, of water Of hot-hot-hot-hot-hot water. I can’t stipulate that enough.

Then, take another

Put the hot water back in there and then let it flow down When you pour the water back in there it goes up to the rim it immediately goes back down… your clog is probably taken care of Then, hit the flush and see what happens. Should be good to go. And that’s what I did, after about 15-20 minutes …I poured some more hot water in there and It went right down.

I flushed it…it went back in there Just for a little bit of added You know, security or whatever, I added probably another three more bucket loads of hot-hot water …just to make sure everything was flowing good. Now it’s flowing beautifully so… …hopefully it works for you before you have to call the plumber. But you know, of course A professional is going to have all kinds of stuff to clear your toilet.

And another thing I noticed too you know You don’t see this a lot on articles Is if your tub and your sink or your explainer is draining properly You know that the clog is in the toilet. If it’s not draining in the tub or in the sink or in the explainer… and if you know it’s building up in the water level…guess what, you got bigger problems.

You may have to Then you would more than likely need to call the plumber and figure out what the heck’s going on with your drainage system but in my case it was just the toilet stall And you know not be disgusting and all this. You only want to put biodegradable stuff in there, you know, your human excrement A good biodegradable, quality toilet paper …and that stuff that those wipes that you know are “flushable” you know… the jury’s out on that. It’s your your call on that.

But don’t ever put anything in a toilet that isn’t supposed to be there. Or not supposed to be flushed Because it’ll kick ya in the butt in the long run. …if you really have it stopped up in there, stacked up in there. But, another good point to do is give everything a nice good cleaning in here and use… bleach.

And if you have

You know, bleach will kill about 99.99% of bacteria and all this so I got in there and cleaned everything up real good with the stall and that really And it really made things smell good in here again…to be honest with ya The plunger you can use the plunger, you know, kinda maybe shake things up a little bit in there get things going But I found that the, the dish soap, was It was amazing You gotta have a little patience. It’s going to take a little time.

Don’t think this is going to happen crazy. And if you have one bathroom and you got multiple people needing to go… well, you know, time that a little bit better I guess. But, this works.

I found it on a website article and decided I’d make my own article and help you guys out..and see and explain you that, you know, you can do it…Do It Yourself! Alright guys…thanks for reading and I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this article… and…look at my bathroom that is now clean Alright…we’ll see you later next time