KitchenAid Oven Error Codes

I need your help regarding KitchenAid oven error codes. Part of the answer depends on whether your oven has two digit or four digit error codes. I thought a lot of the errors would be the same anyway.

If you have a four digit error code, F1 – E0 and F1-E1 are EEPROM errors.

I think all the F1 errors are EEPROM errors of some sort. All but F1-E3 are processing or input errors, and the solution for those is to turn off power for a minute, then see if it works. You’re telling me to fix the error by rebooting the oven.

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The downside of smart appliances is that they need the same dumb tech support as smart phones and gaming consoles. But if rebooting doesn’t work, replace the clock or control board.

I think for my oven, the clock is part of the control board. The only exception of F1-E3 is the error for a wiring harness cavity size doesn’t match the prior stored value. That isn’t something I’ve changed. The wiring could be loose, the jumpers could have burned out.

Or the control board is malfunctioning for that, too.

F2-E0 is for the shorted keypad, while F2-E1 means the cable to it is unplugged. I can check the wiring before assuming I have to replace the keypad. Try hitting cancel or power cycling the oven first.

Assuming the cancel key isn’t the one that shorted out.

F2-E5 and E6 are for cancel key drive lines. In that case, what a power cycle doesn’t fix means replacing the keypad. F3 with any secondary code is for an oven temperature sensor problem.

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I know F3-E2 means the oven is too high in cook mode. First see if the oven is over-temperature, such as cooking food to fast and burning. An oven on fire is a totally separate problem, though it would explain why the thermal fuse would blow out and shut down the oven.

If the oven isn’t obviously overheating, you can try rebooting the oven control board, and if that doesn’t work, check the wiring to the sensor or replace the sensor. I can’t see how the wiring could get messed up. It came loose the last time someone slammed the oven shut or the wiring melted to the side of the oven and now shorts periodically.

oven yourself more often

That would only be a different form of the over-heating error. F4 is related to the meat probe malfunctioning or shorting out.

That could be due to a contaminated meat probe too, like grease inside catching fire or shorting something out. Most F5 errors are for the door latches. You can try checking the door switch, check the latch for interference – A broken door hinge or loose door seal in the way would be obvious.

And if that isn’t it, power cycle the oven and see if the sensor glitch is cleared. What does F5-E5 mean? That’s the error for the self cleaning cycle not being reached after forty five minutes.

It means either your broiler element is broken or the temperature sensor is. Assuming the last self cleaning cycle didn’t kill the control board. And the long term solution to that is starting to scrub the oven yourself more often.