Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Door Hinge (Whirlpool Part # 74008014)

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Hi it’s Steve from we are going to explain you how to change the door hinge on your wall oven and it’s a really easy job, all you are going to need is a Phillips screwdriver and a small finish nail that we bent into a little U-shape, let me explain you how we do it. Now to do this repair we will need to take the oven door off of the oven to change the hinge and to do that we will open the door, now before we remove the retaining straps on the hinges, we’ll want to take a small finish nail or a very small screw something that will fit into this tiny hole, one on each hinge and I am taking a finish nail and just bend it into a U-Shape, so that I can tuck that through that hole and that will keep the hinge in about the broil position when I go to lift the door out of the oven cavity, and you’ll note that on each side there is a retaining strap for each hinge held in place with a Phillips screw, so we’ll remove the screw and the retainer and just set those aside.

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Now we can close the door to the broil position and then lift up on it, and then remove it from the oven, we can now set that on a suitable work surface and we could change the hinge, now that we have the door on a suitable work surface and we protected the face of it so that we don’t scratch the glass, we’ll remove three Phillips screws from the top of the door, and we’ll spin the door around and we’ll find 3 screws across the bottom, and once we’ve removed those screws we should be able to lift the inner door panel complete with the glass away from the outer door panel. Once we’ve separated we’ll set that aside and we’ll remove the outer door glass and while we have that door apart you can take this opportunity to clean the inside of that outer glass and we’ll just set that aside and we’ll lay the inner door panel face down, now that we have the inner door panel exposed here there’s a single screw that holds the bottom of that hinge and then the top just fits into two slotted openings, so we’ll carefully remove that, one Phillips screw and then we can feed that hinge up through the opening and disengage two hooks at the top, use caution when handling this the edges of that metal are typically fairly sharp, and you may want to put some protective gloves on while doing that job and we can set that aside, now the new hinge comes with a pin to hold it in that open position already, so we’ll engage the two hooks at the top in the slotted openings and We’re going to drop that hinge down into position and then reinstall the Phillips screw and all fit on the inside hole, there are two holes there to put that screw in, always pick the ones that’s closest to the center, and if you are replacing one of these hinges we strongly suggest that you replace both at the same time, typically if a spring is gone weak on one hinge it will same on the opposite one and we will also take this opportunity to clean that inner door glass while you have the door apart and then we’ll reassemble the door.

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Next we’ll reinstall the outer door panel and glass to the inner door panel and set the bottom end over first and drop the top into position and we’ll install the three screws across the bottom, I’m going to start that again, so next we will put the outer panel onto the inner door panel and we will start by hooking the bottom it over first, we want to make sure that that lines up equally on both sides so that all three screw holes are lined up and we’ll start by putting center screw in first, tighten those securely and with the bottom three screws in place we can now install the ones across the top of the door and now we are ready to reinstall the door on the wall oven. Now to reinstall we will insert the hinges into the slotted openings, now with the door in a fully opened position we can remove that temporary pin and we can discard that keep it in vertical position and let it drop down, check to make sure that it’s equal on both sides and it’s fully inserted and just carefully open the door and do an inspection before you open it completely to make sure that they are fully seated and that their notch for those retaining bars are flushed with the front of the oven liner and we can open the door completely and then we’ll reinstall those two retaining straps, simply slide the notched end into the notch on the hinge and then tighten the screw, do the same on the opposite side, check the operation of the door and make sure it will stay open in the broil position and completely open and our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job, thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.