Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Defrost Timer (GE Part # WR9X489)

Steve: We’re going to explain you how to change the defrost timer on your refrigerator. It’s really easy job. All We’re going to need is a quarter inch nut driver and a flat blade screwdriver.

Let me explain you how we do it.

head screw

Now the first step in this repair should be to disconnect the power, simply unplug the cord from the receptacle. And we’ll up the fresh food door, and we will remove the knob from the cold control, then we’ll pull down on the light cover, hinge it upwards and lift it out of the way. And I find this a little easier to remove the light bulb as well, so simply unscrewed light bulb and set that aside.

Next We’re going to remove single quarter inch hex head screw; it’s just about in the center and it holds the air inlet assembly on to the control housing. Remove that one screw, and we’ll rotate the housing outward, use a little caution on that, because it has a diaphone end piece on it that we don’t want to damage, we’ll set that aside. Next We’re going to remove one more quarter inch hex head screw which is right at the top that holds that controller housing in place.

Once you remove that screw, you can tilt it forward and lift up on it, and there is a metal tab that engages a slot in the back panel. Once that’s disconnected, you can rotate it forward and then disconnect the wire harness. There is two locking tabs on the side, simple depress those and unplug it.

was an easy job

Now we can set this on work surface and we can replace the defrost timer. Now that we have the control housing out where we can work on it, We’re next going to remove the two quarter inch screws that hold the timer to the housing and we’ll flip it over and then we can pull the timer out of the housing.

And there is a four pin connecter that attaches to the defrost timer, you may find those a little tight, so just take a flat blade screw driver and insert it between the connector and the timer and just pry it off. Discard the old timer and take the new one, plug the harness into it, make sure it’s seated firmly, and locate that timer in proper position in the housing, and we’ll start one of the screws, and locate the opening for the other screw, align that up, now the defrost timer has a little dial on it there that will only turn in a clockwise direction with a flat blade screwdriver, if you turn it carefully rotate it so far and then you will hear a live click that’s the beginning of the defrost cycle, rotate it a little bit further past that another notch and it’s back out of the defrost cycle.

So when we put this in the refrigerator it will have just pass the defrost cycle and the refrigerator will cool. Now we ready to reinstall the housing. How to reinstall the housing, we want to locate that tab and slot portion up on the right hand side here, and then screw it through the top flange in to the back panel.

First thing is we’ll connect the wire harness, make sure that locked into place, put the tab into the back cabinet, then reinstall the screw. Next we’ll carefully reinstall the air diffuser, making sure we don’t damage that [indiscernible] [00:04:54] position it into the opening end of the freezer first, and this V portion will board around the narrowed end of the control housing, so we have to carefully fit that on there as well.

where we can work

And reinstall the screw that holds those two pieces together, reinstall the light bulb, and the cover, and hook the top on first, let it hang and we’ll just pull down slightly on the horizontal portion at the bottom and let it hook in and then reinstall the knob. Now We’re ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete. We told you it was an easy job.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your repair.