Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Dispenser Door Recess Crank (GE Part # WR17X10706)

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We’re going to explain you how to change the recess crank on the dispenser door on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job; all you’ll need is a putty knife, a Phillips screwdriver, and a pair of needle nose pliers. Let me explain you how we do it.

Let me explain you how we do it. Now because we’ll be working near some electrical circuits on this repair the first thing we’ll need to do is disconnect the power to the refrigerator; simply pull the plug.

Now our first step will be to remove the escutcheon around the dispenser, so we’ll start with a putty knife, and being careful that we don’t mar the paint, we’ll just lift up a little bit on one edge, enough to slide that blade in underneath the end, and depress the locking tab, and there are four tabs on each side that are equally spaced down both sides, so we’ll come up until we find the next one, gently depress that, and that will give us a little bit of leverage to release the ones on the opposite side. Set the escutcheon aside.

Next We’re going to remove the control assembly; now it’s held in place with a couple of locking tabs on the bottom so if we lift up gently on it and pull forward on the bottom we can disengage those two locking tabs then drop it down, and that will give us access to the harness connectors on the back that we need to disconnect; so lift the locking tabs on those, pull the harnesses loose, and set the control board aside. Next, with our Phillips screwdriver, we’ll remove three Phillips head screws that hold that assembly in place.

Just pull that forward, remove the two harnesses that are attached to the refrigerator, we can set that aside, and gain access for our repair. Now that we have the dispenser assembly out of the way, before we proceed any farther it’s probably a good time to clean up this area because there’s bound to be a little bit of hard water filming and possibly some mold or mildew in this area. So we’ll clean that up with just a little spray cleaner.

Now that we have the area cleaned up We’re ready to remove that lever assembly. So we’ll loosen the one screw on the left, and We’re going to completely remove the one on the right as well as the little metal retaining bracket; the little metal bracket has a slotted hole in it that fits over a plastic tab on there so when we reinstall that we need to make sure that sits over it firmly.

Now we’ll rotate the flapper in the open position, we’ll unhook the right hand side from the solenoid, and then we’ll gently pull it to the right. Make sure we keep the spring intact and we can set that on a suitable work surface so we can remove the flapper and install it on the new lever.

Now that we have the crank assembly and flapper on a suitable work surface we can first of all remove the spring from the end of the shaft, and that crank lever is held to the flapper by a couple of locking tabs, one on either side, and then a set of hinged tabs on the bottom. So we need to very carefully lift that crank assembly out of those two locking tabs; gently just spread one of them with a little bit of upward pressure until you disengage one, then go to the opposite side and pivot it back and unhook it from the hinged tabs on the bottom.

You can discard the old piece. We’ll install the new one in the reverse manner. We’ll hook it onto the hinged tabs first, line it up between the two locking tabs, and then gently snap it into place.

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We’ll reinstall the spring, the hooked end of the spring goes on first, slide it on the shaft and make sure the hook engages the hole in the crank lever, and We’re ready to reinstall it in the refrigerator.

Now We’re ready to reinstall the lever assembly. Make sure the hook on the spring is engaged in the hole on the lever, and the straight arm portion is pointing upwards, then slide the pin in underneath the retaining strap; the hooked end needs to engage the plunger on that solenoid. Make sure the whole bracket is centered.

Now we’ll take the retaining strap, with the hook end down and there’s a slotted hole in that that needs to fit over a plastic tab so we’ll make sure that that’s lined up properly before we tighten it; tighten the other screw, check the operation make sure it springs closed, and We’re ready to reinstall the rest of the assembly. Now We’re ready to reinstall the dispenser assembly.

So we’ll lift the two harnesses out of the way, slide the assembly into place, then we’ll replace the Phillips screws that secure it. Next we’ll reconnect the wire harnesses to the control board; slide them in underneath the locking tabs, make sure they lock firmly in place. Then we’ll engage this top tab on the controls along this rail here.

Tuck it up into place and press in on the bottom until both the locking tabs engage, and We’re ready to put the escutcheon back on.

So we’ll line up the four locking tabs on either side, snap them into place, next we’ll reconnect the power and our repair is complete. Told you it was an easy job. Thanks for reading, and good luck with your repair.