Top Load vs Front Load Washing Machine

Here at Designer Appliances, New Jersey in New York’s premier appliance store, we know how hard it can be to find trusted guidance when selecting new appliances for your home, which is why many of our customers come to us asking what kind of washing machine is better: the new high-efficiency front load washing machines or their traditional top loading washing machines. In this article we will walk through eight performance factors you should consider when selecting between top load and front load washers for your home.

Number one, ease of use. Top loading washers are normally more convenient since you don’t have to bend over to load or unload your clothes, making them an ideal height for older buyers and those with joint issues. Top loaders also have other convenient qualities, such as the ability to add clothes and mid cycle or right after starting the cycle since the door doesn’t lock.

They can also collect lint and distribute fabric softener better than front-loading washing machines.

So if ease of use is your main concern we recommend a top load washer for your home. Number two, cleanest result. Top loading washers can be rough on clothes, especially if the machine is overloaded.

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Front loaders are much gentler therefore giving your clothes a smoother wash cycle that evenly distributes detergent and softeners.

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Top loaders also have a difficult time washing larger items, such as pillows or comforters because they can’t be fully immersed in the water. This makes front-load washers the best option with the cleanest results. Number three, water efficiency.

Front loading washers are more energy and water efficient than top loaders since they use 40% less water than the average top loading machines.This makes front-load washers our recommendation when it comes to water efficiency.

Number four, wash speed top loading washers with an agitator tend to wash clothes faster than front-loading washing machines because clothes are constantly immersed in water. Though there is an exception to the rule since there are two main types of top loading washing machines. One that has an agitator and one that does not.

An agitator is a mechanism within a washer that creates motion by shaking and forcing water through the machine. Top loading washing machines with agitators typically wash quicker but are rougher on your clothes once without agitators called high-efficiency our gentler on your clothes allowing them to last longer. They also handle larger loads better and use less water.

As such, high-efficiency washing machines cost more so overall we think top-load washers have the advantage with their faster cycle times. Number five, most effective spin cycle. During the final spin cycle front load washing machines generally spin about 33% faster than typical top loaders.

Meaning that more water will be removed from the clothes before you transfer them to the dryer. One drawback however is that the spin cycle causes many front loading washers to vibrate, making noise that many people would rather avoid. Even so, front load washers are highly recommended for their spin speed.

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Number six, installation flexibility.

Front loading washing machines have the ability to be stacked with a dryer which is a great option if you have limited space or want to maximize storage. Nowadays with its popularity many washers and dryers are being built to have stacking capabilities even the largest units which might seem unstackable. If you don’t need to stack your front loader you also have the flexibility of getting laundry pedestals which raise the unit about 12 to 15 inches and can provide additional storage space.

With that we highly recommend front load washers for installation flexibility. Number 7 value and pricing. Front loading washers are typically more expensive but justifiably so they give a more quality clean and are more energy and water efficient than top loaders.

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Americans second biggest water expense comes from washing machines and front loading washers can cut this cost down. The average front loading washing machines use 40% less water than the average top loading washing machines according to TXU Energy. Consumer Reports also consistently rates front loading washers higher as “excellent” and “very” good compared to top loaders normally being rated “poor” or “fair”.

Although the upfront cost of a front loader is more we think over the long run this total expense evens out making either option a good choice. And lastly number eight, smell and mold. One of the biggest complaints about front loading washers is that over time mold can build up around the doors rubber gasket.

To combat this front loading washers require a lot more maintenance than top loading washers.

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Top loading washing machines don’t have this issue since they rely on gravity to pull water down so water doesn’t get trapped in any seals. So if you’re concerned about mold top load washers will be the better choice for your home. The bottom line seems to be that front loading washers are generally better than top loading washers.

Though more expensive front loading washers are more energy and water efficient space effective and give a better clean.

Top loading washers are cheaper, easier to load and unload, and less likely to develop mold. Though shopping for a washing machine ultimately comes down to your personal preference, front loading washers are typically the way to go but there are some downfalls that can lead someone to purchasing a top-loading washer. We hope you found this article helpful.

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