Viking Refrigerator Freezer Problems

I need your advice regarding Viking refrigerator freezer problems. Viking fridges built before 2005 with a bottom freezer were recalled by the CPSC, because the pivot plate on the top hinge sometimes detached. My fridge is not old enough to have that problem.

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What is frustrating is that Viking refrigerators are so expensive they should not have freezer problems.

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Over half of all Viking fridges need service in the first year, despite the price, though that is not always for the freezer. Consumer Reports rates Viking low in their buying guides. That does not help me much . Viking customer service is weak.

While they do not push extended warranties as often as some of their rivals, their solution is selling you a replacement at half price. I can find a replacement fridge by another company for less than that. What do I do about my Viking freezer problems about that ? The Viking fridges have problems with the fans in the upper corner not blowing cold air into the lower compartments.

The solution may be poking through the ice with a pen until the air flow helps it melt.

I suppose it is less mess than blowing it with a blow dryer. Viking’s manual says to make sure there is plenty of air flow around the items to keep them cold, though it stays cold better if it is mostly full. At least it does not make that awful reverberation my neighbor’s fridge does if it isn’t at least half way full.

The bottom drawer freezer designs by Viking consistently spill ice cubes all over the floor. That’s a new reason to be glad I do not have a bottom drawer model. Condensate collects on the freezer seal, leading to leaks.

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You can try to keep the drain clear by pouring hot water and sometimes bleach water down it.

Assuming it does not leak into the fridge. Their control boards need to be replaced frequently. Your freezer problems might be the result of a bad control board, not a mechanical issue. At which point, I need to call a service person to try to fix the freezer.

Try cleaning the condenser coil and fan outlet to improve their efficiency, before you pay a lot for service.

With what? I can find AC coil cleaner online, but do not know if that’s safe on a fridge. The Viking manual literally says use anything other than a vacuum cleaner. And that is what they say to do if the freezer or fridge is too warm.

If I had the manual, I’d probably have known that.

If the freezer temperature isn’t low enough, you’ll get ice in the tube to the ice maker before it floods and likely freezes. All until it melts and floods the floor.