Washing Machine Repair – Replacing the Drain Hose Clip (GE Part # WH16X513)

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Hi it’s Steve from we are going to explain a how to change the drain hose clip on your washer, and it’s a really easy job, all we are going to need is a ¼ inch nut driver. Let me explain you how we do it, now to do this repair we will need access to the drain hose outlet, so you may need to pull the washer forward, which may involve disconnecting the power and the inlet fill hoses.

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Once we have done that and pulled it out far enough that we can get out of the drain hose connector, we can do the repair. Now to do this repair you are going to need to pull the old drain hose off, so there’s bound to be some water in that, you will need a container to collect that water in, and then just lower the drain hose to the floor and let the water out.

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Once we’ve done that, if the old connector is broken a bit the hose will pull right out of it, and you can just set that aside, and we will remove the two ¼ inch hex head screws that hold that connector to the back panel, and we will take our new connector, we are going to slide that on to the end of the hose that is a fairly tight fit, and we need to push it on fair enough that it fits into this little recess grove, once it’s firmly in there, we can reconnect to the washer, and insert the drain hose until it bottoms out, trying to line up the holes at the same time although that will pivot easily and re install the screws. Now we can put the washer back in the position, now that we reconnected our inlet fill hoses, and reconnected our drain, plugged in the washer. Our repair is complete.