WE09X10014 – Replacing Your GE Dryer’s Lower Felt Drum Seal AP3419768,PS755828

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I’m going to be explaining you how to replace the lower drum felt seal on your dryer the reason why you might have to do this is because your dryer is getting excessively hot or it’s just really noisy for this repair you’ll need a putty knife and a 5/8 inch nut driver warning before doing any repairs please disconnect your power source so this is our dryer it’s a GE and this is what we’re gonna be using for this repair keep in mind ours might be a little bit different than yours but the same technique should still apply so after we’ve disconnected everything now we’re going to take a putty knife there are a couple of tabs in here and using the putty knife we’re going to push in which will release the tab just like so and we can pull the lid up and just set it against the wall like so so there are two screws holding on the front bulkhead of the dryer I’m going to use my 5/16 inch nut driver to remove those screws now and now that I’ve got those screws off I’m going to disconnect these cables here now I want to remove the bulkhead of the dryer and do that simply pull it straight out then lift it up off of those tabs on the bottom so the lower felt drum seal it’s gonna be this part right here it goes pretty much almost all the way around but not quite we can start by peeling it off just gonna clean up the little bits of felt that are left over they’re still stuck on there before we apply our new one now you can grab your new OEM replacement lower felt drum seal If you don’t have one already you can find one our online store the seal also comes with its own adhesive so if you take a look at the directions it also tells you that it wants the service to be clean and dry free from oil and grease then we’re going to coat the surface and let it sit for approximately a minute until it’s tacky and then we’ll add the new seal on there after that so we’re gonna unscrew the bonding liquid here and we’re going to go along the entire length all the way around the perimeter of the drum seal here there we go now we’ll just let it sit for a minute before we put the seal on so now that we’ve let it sit for a minute I want to apply the seal starting on this end it doesn’t really matter what end you start on and as I go around I want to make sure it’s nice and flush right up against the edge right here all right so I’m just gonna press down on it all the way around again just to make sure it’s on there nice and tight and make sure that it’s got enough that pieces on it so that it sticks properly and now we’ll let it sit for a few minutes more let the adhesive completely bond to the felt seal and then we’ll put everything back on after it’s a bit more dry now that we’ve let our adhesive sit here for a bit it’s dry it out so we can put everything back together so we’ll grab this and turn it around and line everything up here and let the bulkhead just slide onto those tabs make sure everything lines up you have to move the drum a little bit pull up what everything should slide back into place it creates that nice seal with the drum and now we can screw it all back together now I want to plug these wires back together there you go and I’ll just hang them right on the side here so now you can close up the lid and your repair is complete finally don’t forget to plug in your appliance if you need to replace any parts for your appliances you can find an OEM replacement part on our website thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like comment and share our article also don’t forget to subscribe to our website your support helps us make more articles just like these for you to read for free

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