WE14X20082-Replacing Your GE Dryer Heat Deflector-AP5803247, PS8767608

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Hi, I’m Earius I will be explaining how to replace your heat deflector you may need to replace this part if your dryer becomes to hot this repair will take approximately 25 minutes for this repair you will need a quarter inch nut driver a Flathead screwdriver a Phillips head screwdriver and a T20 torx screwdriver If you need a new heat deflector you can order one on our website before starting a repair with any appliance be sure to disconnect it from its power source. You can turn your dryer around you can begin by removing the heat shield now we can remove the screws around it as you begin taking off the last screw make sure you hold the back panel in place so that it doesn’t fall on the floor alright once your done removing the back panel you can take off the back splash it slides out like so then we are going to go inside of the dryer and take some screws out you going to open the door locate the screws and unscrew them once you have removed the two top screws you can just close the door like so now be can remove the top panel by just lifting it and it will slide right off now you can take our nut driver and begin removing the bolts be careful because the edges can be very sharp once you have removed the nuts the front door will come right off all you do is lift it ever so slightly and take it to the side then you can remove the wires from the bottom left hand corners then just place the door to the side to remove your dryers belt all you need to do is tip it up on an angle and reach back with two hands there is a pulley inside the belt is over the motor shaft use a little bit of force and push it down once you lock it back it will release the tension on the belt and you can take your belt off your drum once you loosen up you can just remove your drum from the dryer just pick it up and slide it right out to remove your old heat deflector all you do is take your torx screw and remove the screws once you remove your last screw it will slide right off, that is how you take out your deflector shield take your new deflector shield which you can order on our website match the deflector with the matching screw holes to complete this repair you will need a assistant the assistant will simply hold the bearing to the back of the drum matching the holes where the screws will go then you can begin screwing he screws back on now all you have to do is put your belt back on your drum and slip it back in the dryer to begin reinstalling it first put your belt around your drum like so make sure the lines are face down and you can actually use the belt to lift the drum and then slide the drum back into place once again we can put the dryer on an angle make sure to place the belt around the motor and the pulley wheel then release it and it will tighten your belt up and you are ready to begin drying once you put your dryer back together first put the front door back on by connecting the wires and lift up the door ever so slightly and place it on the slots and it slides right into place pick up your drum slightly and slide your front door inside of it reconnect the bolts and put the top panel back on once you have your top panel back on your going to take your long screws and your Phillips head screwdriver then put your back splash back on make sure the tabs are locked in properly now we can put our back panel back on take your heat shield put it back in once you finish putting your back panel back on you can turn your dryer around and reconnect it and you can begin drying once you complete your repair do not forget to reconnect it to power source thanks for reading our article we hope you found it helpful we do these articles so that the average person can complete there own appliance repairs make sure to like, comment, share, also don’t forget to subscribe to our website

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