Whirlpool Dryer Repair – How to Replace the Belt (Whirlpool # WP35001010)

” we’d like to explain you how to change the drum belt on your dryer. It’s a really easy job. Let me explain you how we do it.

Now, to do this repair, the first thing we’ll need to do is to disconnect power to the dryer.

The best way to do that is simply pull the dryer forward enough that you can unplug it, because we’ll also need access to the back of the dryer. Once we’ve done that, we’ll begin by taking the main top off. Now that we have access to the back of the dryerWe’re next going to remove these two screws that secure that main top to the cabinet.

You can then pull that main top just back about half an inch.

Now we’re going to disengage these two keyhole slots at the front that sit underneath these two shoulder bolts, and we’ll set that aside. Now, in changing the belt, you’ll also want to remove this lower access panel. It’ll give you more access to the idler pulley and motor pulleys.

Simply remove these three screws. Just tilt the top of that panel slightly towards you. Then lift up and pull it away from the outlet vent and we’ll just set that aside.

Now we’re at the back of the driver again. With that access panel removed, we next need to pull that idler pulley towards the center to release tension on the belt and then we can roll it off of the idler pulley and the motor pulley.

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Now, the exhaust vent may be in the way. We simply just need to grab that, wiggle it a little bit and pull it right off of the blower housing. We’ll set that aside to get it out of the way.

Just grasp that pulley.

You’ll see that it releases tension on the belt. Then we roll the belt off and allow that pulley to go back over to the left. We can now take that belt, pull it out through the front of the dryer and then we’ll slide the new one in place.

Now that we’re back at the front of the dryer, I’m going to take that loose belt and just keep it snug up against the bottom of the drum.

Slide it back and forth. Then we can pull it out and discard it. We’ll take our new belt. We’re just going to drape that over the front of the drum.

We want to keep the groove side of that belt against the drum. Just make sure that we can fit it under the right hand side here, about that blower housing. You probably need to lift up on that drum enough to slide it into place.

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Once we have it past the front edge of that blower housingWe’re just going to rotate it towards the back until we get it lined up roughly where the old belt was. Now, with the belt came back under the drum in roughly the same position as the original so that it lines up with the two pulleysWe’re going to lay it under the motor pulley first. Then we’re going to pull that idler pulley as far to the center as you can get it, and roll it up onto that pulley.

Now, at this pointWe’re going to rotate that drum a few terms just to make sure that we center that belt on both the idler and motor pulleys. Now once we have the belt tracking properly, we can go ahead and put our exhaust vent back in place. Just line it up in the blower housing and push it firmly onto that housing.

Then we can go ahead and put the back panel on. We’ll take that rear access panel.

We’ll just lift up slightly on that exhaust vent and fit that through the opening. Then we’ll need to engage those two tabs across the bottom while lining up the three screw holes on the top. Press that firmly down into place and then secure it with the screws.

Now we’re ready to put the main top on. We’re simply going to lay it on top of the dryer, make sure it’s even side to side, hint about a half an inch back from the front. Press it forward to engage those two shoulder bolts at the front, make sure they’re latched in place, then secure it with the two screws here.

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Now we’re ready to reinstall the dryer. Now, with the dryer completely reassembled, we can push it back into position, reconnect the power and our repair is complete.