Whirlpool Washer Repair – How to Replace the Bellow Clamp

We’d like to explain you how to change a door bellows clamp on your front load washer. If yours is broken or is rusted, you may need to replace it. It’s a really easy job.

Let me explain you how we do it.Now, to do this repair, we simply need to open our door up completely. If the old spring clamp is still in place, we’ll need to remove it first.

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Take a small, flat blade screwdriver and just feel around on that bottom edge of that bellows until you locate the spring. It should be somewhere in that six o’clock position.Now, we begin by opening up the door. If your old clamp is still in place, you’ll need to remove that first.

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Down and around the six o’clock position is where the spring should be located. Take a small, flat blade screwdriver and go into the loop on the end of that spring.

Then, carefully pry out without damaging the bellows. You can stretch that spring a little bit, enough to remove the old one and discard it. Next, we’ll take that new spring clamp.

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First of all, make sure that the bellows is fitted firmly into the grove around that front panel. Then, we’ll loop that wire into that grove.NowWe’re keeping a little tension on that spring. NowWe’re keeping a little tension on that wire.

We’re going to pull on that spring just to stretch it.

Then, we can roll the rest of that wire down into the groove. Now, if you have a hard time doing that with your hands, you can also grasp the end of that spring just with a pair of needle nose pliers, but you want to make sure that you keep it tight up against the bellows and pull in this direction, not outward. Once you have it lined upWe’re ready to close the door.

You’re repair is complete.