Whirlpool Washer Repair – How to Replace the Door Handle

we'd like to explain you how to change the pantry door on your refrigerator. That's a really easy job let me explain you how we do it, to do this repair we'll need to first of all open up both floors completely, and remove any of the items that are all ready in that pantry if it's still in the refrigerator. Pull it all the way forward till it comes to its stop, lift up gently on here and then pull it all the way out.

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Once we have the old one pulled out, we'll want to remove that divider and simply lift it out and set that aside.You can then discard the old pantry drawer. Now, when installing the new one, we want to make sure that we line up the rails along the bottom edge of that protrusion, you'll note that there's a little detente towards the front and that will fit into that little notch on the rails as well there is a little hook towards the front that will grasp and hold each of those rails from pulling away from the pantry drawer.

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We'll begin by sitting it on top of the rails, we just push it all the way back into the refrigerator, if the door drops down on top it's probably already locked itself in place but just pull it out until it comes up to the stop and check each side. Verify that the detente is dropped into that slot and the hook is grasped in front of that rail.Do the same on both sides. We're going to then take our divider, put the elevated end towards back, hook it over the back edge of that pantry drawer, line the front edge up with either of the slots on one side or the other, check the operation and make sure that the door opens and closes as it should and your repair is complete.


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