Why is My Refrigerator Freezing My Milk?

Why is my refrigerator freezing my milk? It is not the fridge’s fault if you accidentally put it in the freezer at 2 AM before someone fixed it at 6. The milk is in the fridge all the time, but it is freezing. So check the fridge temperature settings. No one should have messed with them.

That does not preclude someone accidentally setting a fridge to freeze while trying to turn the humidity down.

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At least that type of human error I can fix. I cannot say it is not a mechanical fix you need, like replacing a thermometer. That may be something I could fix short term by turning the temperature up to room temp because it thinks the real temperature is cold. Or can I re-calibrate it?

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Appliance thermostats are typically not made to be recalibrated, only replaced.

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So I may need to replace the thermostat. If the problem is not because someone thought cold was good so colder was better, and the fridge thinks the 50 degree fridge is 80 so it turns it to 30, yeah look at the hardware. I wonder if it is the control panel.

Rebooting it won't fix an error, though the fridge might flash warning lights that says hey, the thermostat is broken.

Or the compressor. Usually a compressor or condenser error means the fridge and freezer are not cold. If the things are stuck on, even when the fridge wants to turn it off and recognizes they are cold enough, could make the fridge freezing.

That I can try fixing with a reboot.

Or replacing the control panel or the relays controlling it. Any appliance stuck on is going to be risking until you replace what is malfunctioning. I'd hate to think the fridge is freezing because the compressor cannot stop.

That might even be a precursor to it no longer working, though whether something is about to burn out or run out, I do not know. What could run out?

The refrigerant leaking and freezing the air around the leak could cause things to freeze, though you'll notice a compressor pinging or banging as the refrigerant leaks. Either way, the fridge freezing means my budget is going to have a hole burned in it. Is that better or worse than all the food in the fridge getting freezer burn?

It is expensive to have to replace all the food I did not want frozen, from salad greens to milk. Just make sure someone is not putting bags of ice in the fridge for storage and then wondering why the food frozen in what is traditionally called an ice box, before you call for service.