WPW10208653 – Replacing Your Whirlpool Range’s Oven Insulation AP6014120 PS11750415

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I’m going to be explaining you how to replace the insulation on in your oven the reason why you would have to do this is because the insulation is old letting a lot of heat escape or because it’s been infested with rodents for this repair we’ll be using a small phillips head screwdriver a putty knife two punches a regular sized phillips head screwdriver a pair of needle nose pliers and two pairs of website locks WARNING before doing any repairs please disconnect your power source so this is the stove we’re going to be using for this repair it’s a Whirlpool keep in mind yours at home might be a little bit different than what we have here but the same technique should still apply the first thing you want to do is make sure you turn your gas off so to take our gas line off I’m going to use one pair of website locks and I’m going to hold on to this part right here and I’m going to use our other pair of website locks in order to grab the line and I’m going to twist both of them in opposite directions that way we’re not spinning endlessly when we’re trying to loosen it now I have that loosened I can try and remove it by hand the rest of the way so the next thing we’re going to do is remove the grates on the top of the stove as well as the burners and the burner caps and now I have to remove all of the burner screws from the stove top now that I have all of the screws off I’m going to be using a putty knife to stick in the side right here there’s going to be a little clip push in on it and lift up on the stove top we’re going to find that clip push in and lift up lift up the back so it goes over the tabs and then you can remove it just like that so if you see these red strings right here those are our surface burner igniters the surface burner igniter is the piece that sticks through here along with the cord that goes and it plugs down into the module down here I’m going to take this guard off right here to explain you exactly what it’s being plugged into get that unscrewed so it can come right out now if you take a look here this is where our igniter is plugged in and I’m going to unplug all of those now now the last thing I have to do before I can take this off is remove this grounding screw so I’m going to use a shorter phillips head screwdriver on that and I’ll just remove the wire and I’m going to put the screw back in there so that doesn’t get lost now we can take our cook top off and set that off to the side the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to remove this support bar right here so we have two screws in it now we can take the bar off and set that to the side next thing what we’re going to is on the front on each corner there are a few screws we’re going to remove those those help hold the side panels on so we need to get those off now we’re at the back of the stove we’re going to remove a couple of screws right there so that we get that top control panel piece off the frame of the stove now I’m going to be removing the screws from the front now we have a couple of screws on the inside as well and the one on this side now I’m going to be removing the screws right here and to get the last screw holding this on we have to remove this panel here just make sure as you remove this screw try and hold the panel so it doesn’t fall on you now I’ll remove the last screw so last I have to unplug this wire here push down on the clip right there and then pull it apart so now we can tilt the hole front panel forward I’m going to tilt it over that Styrofoam and I’m just going to let it rest right on the front here now I can to remove all of the screws on each side of the back here as well as this bar and then as we take this screw out just let that slide down to the ground and same thing with this one as you remove that screw let it go down to the ground now as I remove this screw just support that bar so it doesn’t fall down and we’ll just rest it on the ground now we’ll turn the stove back around and we have a couple more screws on the side holding this on so first I’m going to remove this drawer here pull out the drawer tilt up and pull it out now there are a couple screws on each side so I’m going to take those out now we’ll open up the oven door and again screw on each side down there on the top so we’ll be removing those next now I have to remove this front plate so I’m going to take all of the knobs off and we’re just going to pull it straight off and we have more screws here as well to remove and we’re just going to tilt it and pull it forward so now we have to take the oven door off we’re going to be using this small pin punch right here if you have a screwdriver or anything else will work as well now close it as far as it will go and we’ll lift the oven out and set it off to the side and on this side you’ll notice there’s a couple of wires that are held onto the clips there so what we need to do is remove the wires from the clips and we’ll set them on top of the machine the sides of the oven should just slide right off now I have to remove this screw in order to get this panel off and we have this wire here that’s holding it from falling over you don’t have to take that off you can just slide this panel out and around the wire set that off to the side now I have to do the same thing to the other side so here’s the screw on the other side and now you can do the same thing just pull this out and around that wire set that off to the side so for this side I’m going to take the wire off because I would have to pull the insulation out so all we have to do is just untwist this wire and feed it down through this hole but we don’t have to take it off the bottom you can just set that off to the side there get the insulation off if its not stuck or anything you can just pull it out and we’ll turn it to the other side get it loose here and one you have it loose you can pull this wire if you want to so what we can do with the insulation is we can just start trying to feed it through this side and we can pull it through on the other side so now we’re on the other side and we’ll just pull it through and be careful not to rip it especially if its an older piece because that is definitely something that could happen looks like we might not be able to avoid ripping it because it is old and so destroyed so we’ll just get it all out in chunks as best we can now you can grab your new OEM replacement insulation if you don’t have any already you can find one on our online store so now we’ll unfurrow this and what we’re going to do is just feed it in here and feed it all the way on the other side now that we have this all the way pulled through tuck it in on each side once we’re all tucked in make sure that you get this wire and feed it through the loop again and just give it a couple twists so it stays in place we’re going to feed this through here again and then line everything up and we’ll screw it in and now we’ll go to the other side put this wire through the hole give it a couple twists now we’ll put the other medal panel back on now I’m going to feed this back through here since I pushed that through earlier now we can put the sides back on and I’m going to get this and I’m going to make sure that this here goes in front of this here then those tabs go inside the hole slots and then I can screw those in now there’s one in the middle now I’ll do the same thing with the other side make sure I put the front end in first so that the tabs all line up then we’ll screw them in now we’ll go to the back again I’m just going to point these out as well these are just two screws holding this top plate on if you are having trouble removing the insulation in you can take those two top screws out then that entire top panel can come off and you can do it a lot easier line up the screw holes and I’m going to get this one second from the bottom here now I’ll get the very bottom one on and I’ll make sure that I screw through the bracket first line up the holes and screw it in and I’ll do the same thing with this one line up the holes and on this side and again I’m going to start with this one on the top now I’ll just work my way down so if this is in it will be a lot easier to screw that bracket in now this last one screw in and there we go now put the control panel back up just tilting that back line up all of the holes and we can plug this one back in and once you have all of your holes lined up you can start screwing everything back in back here now I’ll put this back into place line up the holes and screw this back in now I’m going to get the front screws in now we’ll put the bottom drawer back in just tilt that in forward and slide it straight back and now we’ll get the screws lined up with these brackets here and we’ll screw this assembly back into place now we’ll screw the support bracket in now I’m going to grab all of these wires I’m going to put them back in those clips now I’ll put this front panel back on making sure that I tilt it forward first so it’s underneath and make sure it goes on top of these brackets right here so when we put this on we’re going to put the hinges in first and go up with those and then come back out open the oven door all the way so that we can pull out the pins and then we’ll close the door and I’m going to screw in our grounding wire first so we’re going to put the grounding wire in the screw and now using our small screwdriver I’m going to attach that back to the cook top we’ll set the stove top up and we’ll reattach all of our igniter wires now just plug all the wires back in doesn’t really matter which one they go into so now we’re going to set the range top back down and I’m going to make sure that I get this lip on the back in top of these tabs right here and once I do that just make sure it’s nice and pushed against the back and push it down so it clips in so now what I’m going to do because these aren’t completely lined up I’m going to use a pair of needle nose pliers and I’m going to just grab a small piece wherever I can line up the holes and screw it back in now that that’s all screwed down I can put our burners and burner caps back into place now so now we’re going to reconnect our stove to the gas line and tighten it the rest of the way with our website locks in case your adapter is spinning inside might want to get another pair of website locks just to hold that in place and then you can tighten it the rest of the way now we can turn our gas back on and your repair is complete Finally don’t forget to plug in your appliance if you need to replace any parts for your appliances you can find an OEM replacement part on our website Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like comment and share our article also don’t forget to subscribe to our website your support helps us make more articles just like these for you to read for free

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